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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo, the superstar of Juventus, made many people hilarious. After the show, dragging a wiggle. Before the goal in the game, the age of not more than 9 years, in the said match also added another shot.  


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, shooting star of Juventus, the giants of the Serie A show. Amazing dragging skills before the goal is scored. In-Game Age Up To 9 Years

Ronaldo Jr., who plays for Juventus' youth team, has a right-side ball. At the moment, there is a rival player running close behind, but the heir of the Portuguese football pull the ball away from the other. The other party lost.

Then the 8-year-old was cut into the middle and dragged into the penalty area. The goalkeeper of the other team ran out to close the shot. Try to use foot extraction. But the son of the 33-year-old shark show the ultimate over the age again. By tapping the ball to avoid the Dan. Before the shot into the decisive. In this shot, he also added another shot. 

Ronaldo went to see his son. He took the clip and then tweeted on the social networking site famous for fans to watch, which many people love this clip. While some of Ronaldo Jr.'s footsteps were so large, such as, "He's as good as his father. One day he will win the world championship ".