The mystery of this city has astonished and science: As soon as I die someone turns into ...

In the small town of San Bernardo, Colombia, high up in the Andes, people are naturally mummified, for unknown reasons for modern science.

The remains of carcasses of nature were discovered for the first time in the 50s of the last century, when local cemeteries were displaced due to floods.

Some local residents believe that the local diet, which includes Guatil and Ball, two unusual fruits commonly eaten in these areas were "responsible" for these mummy remnants. Others point to the climate and the great heights, which is one reason why the dead refuse to decay

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This is not the first Latin American state to have a problem with dead bodies. In Guanajuatuu, Mexico, underground gas and chemical composition of the earth are responsible for not damaging the body after burial. 

Today, these mummies can be visited in the city cemetery, where a museum was built to display some of the most complete and preserved bodies.



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