These people say they have "evidence" that the Earth is flat

People who support the theory that Earth is flat, known online as Flat Earthers, say they have evidence that the planet is flat and not globally.


Theorists who believe that the Earth is flat and NASA is nothing more than a propaganda machine of the government has long dispersed these ideas on the Internet.
Despite testimonies such as Earth's photographs made by satellites - which clearly show its spherical shape, these people continue to believe that the Earth is flat
Recently, Mike Hughes, created a kind of metal-grade rockets and planned to launch it into the sky to prove the shape of the Earth. The 61-year-old from California plans to launch the missile - which costs $ 20,000 to be created.
At the end of last year, many theorists met at the International Conference on Flat Earth. Among them was Mark Sargent, who has a YouTube channel with many followers, in which posts videos of his claims.
"Plain Earth is not something new. I did not invent the Flat Earth. All I did was approach a door, I went to her and said, 'I think there are some very interesting things on the other side of this one.'
There is a list of things that 'testify' that the planet is flat, they say. First, they believe that the fact that people have been in Antarctica may indicate that the Earth is flat.
They say that it is not actually a continent, but a 360-degree ground mass made of ice that surrounds the planet, keeping the oceans alive. They also say that if Earth is round, the water mass would have a "bulge in the center,"

Then they say there are no current Earth pictures, as the theorists believe the photos we know are all done with Photoshop. They also say that if the Sun is 90 million km away, the Sun's rays will fall straight.
Another theory is formed by the clouds. Theorists say that the fact that the lower part of the cloud is flat, demonstrates that Earth may be flat as well.

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