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Do you know why the tomb of Jesus Christ is guarded by two Muslim families?

Do you know why the tomb of Jesus Christ is guarded by two Muslim families?
The most sacred place of Christianity, the Sepulchre church, located in the old city of Jerusalem, where the body of Jesus Christ is believed to be, is preserved by two Muslim families.

Strange things may seem to be, as today's devotion is dominated by this place, but history knows it to be washed with blood because of clashes between clerics.

A unique deal dating back to the 12th century states that church supervision was entrusted to two Muslim families.

The Joudeh family maintains the key of the church while the Nuseibeh family opens the church doors every morning and closes each evening.

In an interview for "CNN," Adeeb Joudeh, who currently holds the church key, considers the role of his metaphor family for religious tolerance.

"For me, the source of coexistence for Islam and Christianity is the Holy Sepulchre Church," said Joudeh.

While, Wajeeh Nuseibeh, in 2005 has shown the peacekeeping role of these two families.

"Like all brothers, they have a problem sometimes, referring to the rival Christian sects. We help resolve disputes. We are the neutral persons in the church. We are the United Nations. We help keep the peace in this holy place, "Nuseibeh said.

A few weeks ago, for the first time over the centuries, some researchers have removed a marble slab of the round building, known as Edicule, which is located in the center of the compound.