Extraterrestrials "in action" have sent spacecraft near the Earth

The mysterious stone that has flown near the Earth may have been a spacecraft that has passed us by using light, according to a new scientific paper by Harvard scientists.

When Oumuamua flew close to Earth, scientists rushed to learn about it - it was the first object that had come to our solar system from another solar system, The Independent writes. But when they tried to study it, the stone passed to the other side of our solar system. In that short time, astronomers concluded that the object was moving oddly. He was spinning fast as he was flying into the solar system, and he seemed to be accelerating as he was moving. Researchers say it could be an object sent by another civilization. Scientists say that they themselves have tried to build a tool of similar shape to the object so that it can be moved out of light, so considering the shape of that object,

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