Harvard Scientists: This nearby land facility can be an alien ship

Harvard University astronomers in the United States said the mysterious, dark red colored object, which came years into our solar system, may have been extraterrestrial spacecraft sent to investigate the earth.

The facility was observed in October 2017 by Pan-Starrs 1 telescope in Hawaii. That is why it was called "Umuamua," which in the Hawaiian language means "distant messenger".

Since the discovery, scientists have not been able to name it accurately, nor to tell where it originates. At first they said it was a comet, then an asteroid, then thought they had to create a new label category, called "interstellar objects."

The latest scientific report, from the astrophysics center at Harvard, shows that the quake-like facility, traveling at 315,000 miles per hour, may have artificial origin and been sent by an extraterrestrial civilization to study the earth.

The theory is based on the fact that the object has increased speed, has not been stable. The power that drives it is perhaps taken from the sun. Objects that increase speed are also comets, but Umuamua had no tail like all other comets.

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