How do I know if I break any bone?

You may have broken bones after an accident such as a crash, or after being struck by an object.

There are three common bone break signs (as known as fractures):

⦁ Pains
⦁ Swelling
⦁ Deformations

However, it may sometimes be difficult to tell if a bone is broken or out of place.

If you have broken a bone, you may have these experiences:

⦁ You will hear or feel a bump during the injury.
⦁ You may have injuries, bruising, brittleness around the injured area.
⦁ You may feel pain when you put the weight on, touch, press, or move the injury site.
⦁ The sore may seem deformed - in the harsh parts, the broken bone may be irritating the skin.

In this situation, you may be stunned, feel a lot of pain, or understand that you have broken bones.

You should seek help as soon as possible if you think you have broken a bone.

If you have a fracture should be kept straight and in one place the injured part should often keep it with the holder in the right position.

If you do not receive proper treatment, you may experience serious infection or permanent deformity. And you can develop long-lasting problems.

It's good not to eat and drink anything if you think you have broken a bone, and you will need total numbness to allow the doctor to check it out.

Older and those with osteoporosis need to be careful, as their bones are weak and can break easily