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How does mandarin skin tea affect human health?

Mandarins are one of the finest and delicious fruits of this season. Their orange peel shines and is lighter than other citrus.

The mandarin flour is divided into equal teas that are easily and easily disconnected.

Every nut is full of juice and rich in flavor and aroma.

Mandarin is rich in vitamin C.

An average tangerine meets 31% of the recommended daily dose of this important vitamin.

Why not mandarin skins should be cast

When we eat tangerines, we naturally come to throw their skins.

But according to AgroWeb.org data, mandarin skin is powerful in lowering cholesterol.

This skill has been confirmed by the US Department of Agriculture and various scientific studies.

Many studies recommend the preparation of mandarin skin tea.

Mandarin skin values:

It lowers cholesterol

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that mandarin skin has more potent health values ​​than mandarin juice itself.

These values ​​are varied especially for lowering cholesterol.

According to the study, mandarin skin contains 20 times more antioxidants than mandarin juice.

Antioxidants are chemical substances that neutralize the damage caused by oxidation and toxins in the body.

Value for health

Chinese experts recommend the use of mandarin skin not only in tea but also in various dishes. 

According to them, mandarin skin is useful to improve digestion and contraception in pregnant women.

Other mandarin skin values ​​include blood sugar balancing, liver cleansing and relieving symptoms of colds, flu and stress.

Preparation of mandarin skin tea:

Remove the mandarin skin and let it dry.

Dry the skin in a glass container with a tightly fitting lid and store it in a dark, cool place.

In this way, you can use the skin for many months.

Preparation of tea requires small pieces of dry skin of mandarin.

Place the pieces of skin in a cup of tea.

Pour over them hot water and let them stay together for a few minutes.

Add honey as desired and consume it immediately.

Dehydrated dessert skins can be added to different teas as it is black.