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Foods That Stomach Inflammation

Foods That Stomach Inflammation

Stomach bruising is not just a discomfort that prevents you from wearing your favorite jeans for the evening, but can also cause great concern.

Sometimes you know exactly what caused the swelling, such as the big dinner you just had, but in other cases, the cause is not so clear.
We bring you foods that most often cause stomach swelling.
Green cabbage
It has high nutritional value and is a great opportunity for salads, but at the same time it can be one of the causes of stomach swelling. Green hazelnuts contain lots of fiber and sugar that can cause bounce.
Fresh cheese
Cheese as a dairy product has a high level of lactose. Experts warn that people who are not tolerant of lactose may have problems, as fresh cheese causes swelling.
Greasy food
Foods such as chips can cause swelling, as the stomach needs more time to digest.
Gum May cause swallowing of a larger amount of air that goes down in your stomach. They contain alcohol and sugar that also cause bounce.
If you do not have the habit of consuming fiber foods, you should avoid excessive apple consumption and limit the amount.