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Increase internet speed with this simple trunk

Increase internet speed with this simple trunk
We've all become addicted to the internet. Most of us feel lost without the Internet.

Slow internet problems can be really frustrating, as today the internet is used not only for communication but also for business.

Today there are a number of devices that rely on Wi-Fi, such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Restarting the router does not help you to increase speed, but there are ways that improve your internet speed for at least three times.

These are the following ways:

Do not keep the router near metal or electrical objects

The refrigerator or microwave can slow down the speed of each router by preventing its signal. You should not place the router near any such object. The best way to put it is near your laptop or computer.

Keep the router in an appropriate position

Your wireless router must be located at least 1 meter away from the ground. This causes the signals to be distributed in a wider area and causes them to be blocked from the ground.

Keep the router clean

Dust is another factor that slows down the speed of the internet. The best way to avoid dust is to put the router in an isolated place, a corner that is not visited by family members. Clean it three times a week as it will greatly affect the rise in internet speeds, reports Gazeta Express.

Place the router in the room where you work online

Walls absorb energy and if your router is placed in a room away from the room where you work online, then its speed will be small. Always make sure the router is in the same room you work for.