The six symptoms that show us anemia

Anemia is an illness where the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells - in other words, they do not carry enough hemoglobin, or occurs when these cells do not perform the work they supposedly perform.

Red blood cells are responsible for transferring oxygen to the body and removing carbon dioxide from the body, the Telegraph reports.

If these processes do not work properly, then we get rid of carbon dioxide.

The causes of anemia may be different. Normally all tire occasionally, but if the majority of the following symptoms suit you, then you better go to the doctor.

Twisted skin

When the body is not satisfied with oxygen or suffers from a reduced number of red blood cells, our skin color varies us looks very pale. This applies not only to the face but the whole body - especially on the hands, the inside of the eyelids and tongue.

Irregular heartbeat

Low levels of hemoglobin make the heart work harder than normal to pump blood through our system. So the heart has to work harder than usual to us saturated with oxygen, and this results in irregular heart beats.


If the bodies do not have enough oxygen, our body works harder to produce energy in order to perform everyday functions, which leaves us feeling very tired.

Problems with concentration

All our bodies need oxygen to function well, and the brain is not excluded here. If the oxygen level is lower than we need, then we will not be able to think clearly and suffer from poor concentration.

Thinning of nails

If the nails weaken or create a form of spoon, then this is a symptom of anemia.

Cracking on the edge

Most of us experience dry or cracked lips occasionally by wind, sun or cold temperatures, but anemia causes them in certain areas, more precisely at the lips.

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