Three most common health myths

Surely all of you have happened to your parents warning you not to go out with wet hair because you will get sick, or you have heard that if you squeeze your fingers, you may become ill with arthritis.

Everywhere you look, you hear such advice - the worst is that many of us trust them blindly.

The telegraph below brings you some of the most common health myths that have been opposed by science

Myth 1: If you go out with wet hair, you will be cooled

If you have cleaned your hair in front of the school or did not have time to blow it, obviously your mother has shouted that you will soon be cold.

Is this true? Well, apparently, no.

Viruses and glands can be gained at any time, even during the summer season.

Myth 2: Muscles turn into fat when you do not train

Experts say that if you stop being trained, the muscles will decrease but will not convert to another type of cell or fat.

Myth 3: Sleeping Brains Causes Breast Cancer

This myth originates from an American study that has suggested not to wear a bra because you can cause breast cancer.

However, other studies have not found a similar connection. 

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