Three problems in the toilets that may reveal you have diabetes

Type 2 diabetes does not lead to the body in an exhausted condition until the disease develops almost to the final limits.

It is important that this illness is detected in time, because if you are adequately cured, the situation can keep you under control and make life completely normal, the Telegraph reports.

If you ignore type 2 diabetes, you may have serious kidney problems, but also with their failure, as well as problems with the entire cardiovascular system.

You should pay attention to the amount of water you drink, molise, chronic fatigue, and sudden weight loss. However, type 2 diabetes will even more easily detect if you check your urine.

Do not ignore these three signs:

Frequent urination

If you take about three liters of urine a day, you may say that you often urinate. The normal amount of urine within one day would be two liters.

If the blood sugar level is too high, the body will try to improve the situation by reorientating the kidney's kidney. Then these organs will get more juices out of the body, and you will often be forced to urinate.


The consequences of type 2 diabetes may also be damage to the nervous system, even in the way that blood sugar endangers the work of small blood vessels that supply the nerves.

It may happen that some nerve cells die due to lack of "food". In some cases, damage to the gastric and intestinal nerves may occur, therefore the digestive tract may not function properly. This most often causes constipation.

If constipation lasts long, serious health complications may occur, much greater than diabetes.


Just as nerve damage to the constipation can be caused by diarrhea. It should be taken care of evening dew because it comes as a result of premature digestion.

It is not uncommon for the rectum to be blocked and fluid to stay inside the colon and this can endanger your life because it leads to dehydration. In this case, the bacteria spread and infection becomes ever greater. Stomach pains are unbearable.

The only solution to these problems is the strict diet and the minimal intake of sugar in the body. 

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