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UFC 231: Holloway vs Ortega

UFC 231: Holloway - Ortega
Sunday (09 Dec) 03:00 uk
Main Results UFC 231:
- Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega
- In the 5th: The doctor had to intervene, Brian Ortega was very swollen and unable to continue. TKO (technical knockout) victory for Max Holloway. Defending champion Max Holloway successfully defended the Featherweight Championship for the second time - an incomparable return for "The Blessed." This will definitely be the best candidate for the title of "Fight of the Year".

- Fourth: The bloody race continues, Ortega is very dangerous, but the situation in the 3rd minute of the match again belongs to Holloway. More than 500 attacks were launched from either side, Ortega made an attempt to knock over the match for more than two minutes but only forced Holloway into the corner.

- Third: Ortega returns with a heavy 1-2 combos, causing Holloway to stun, despite being more aggressive in the first two innings, but T-City's strength is very good.

An accurate flip that caused the whole arena to surprise from "T-City", a double overblown fire from both boxers.

Second half: Ortega continues to be interrupted and Holloway distances, bleeding on Ortega's face. "T-City" is constantly attacked at times when he is unaware of it - when the champion always attacks at times when Ortega is relaxed. Second Half for MaxHolloway.