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US soldier shows you how to escape if you are drowning in the water

Most of us swim in the water quite easily. But sometimes we have to think "out of the box" and become aware of the different situations we may be in.


Clint Emerson is a former American soldier who has written a book with 100 vital skills he taught in the American Army - which would help every man.

Clint in this book also shows you what to do if someone attempts to suffocate you by dipping them into the water - even if you tie your hands.

He writes: "When a soldier is captured in a hostile territory, the chances of survival are low. Instead of being judged, he is likely to "disappear" - hence practicing soldiers are exercised by having restrictions on hands and feet, both in water and on the ground.

Connected, thrown into open waters and left to death until death, well trained soldier still needs some skills that help him save or extend his life until he is found or reach solid ground ". 

"When it comes to self-preservation in water, the key to survival is breathing control. With air filled lungs, the human body remains alive - deep and fast breathing are key.

Panic, which can lead to hyperventilation, is the number one survival enemy. Restrictions and body position can make breathing a challenge, but restoring is always a solution.

In shallow waters, use a sigh and jump approach (see diagram below) to travel to the shore, returning from the bottom of the sea or the lake to the surface with a breath.

When you are down, either by navigating in the country or by using a backward move to swim on the shore, the soldier should open his back to raise his head over the water. "  
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