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Discovered a "super-earth", 60 light years away

Discovered a "super-earth", 60 light years away

Only 60 years light from Earth is a "super-earth", with a radius of twice the size of our planet and a mass 4.5 times larger.

This discovery was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics and was achieved thanks to international research coordinated by Davide Gandolfi of the Department of Physics at the University of Turin.

"Super-earth" rotates in six days around the "Pi greco Mensae" star and is called "Pi greco Mensae c".

For Gandolf, this planet is a gold mine for studying the atmospheres of the worlds that come around the other stars.

The study states that his environment is not suitable for life, at least not as we have on Earth, but his discovery paves the way for future studies on the properties of planets that come around other stars.