Seven things we inherit from the father

It has been shown that genetics does not only affect eye color and body building, but it also depends on how much we are willing to endure and in what position we usually sleep

Obviously, you have inherited the genes of both parents, but if your father has dominant qualities, they certainly have been yours too, the Telegraph reports.

Genetic characteristics that children inherit from their father

1. Heart Disease - According to research conducted by Lester University scientists, male-specific type chromosome carriers have almost 50% greater probability of suffering from diseases that attack coronary arteries. Under certain circumstances, these qualities are transferred to the boys.

2. Mental Obstructions - Among mental disorders that are transmitted from a male to a child are schizophrenia and ADHD. By growing old, the risk grows because the male DNA changes over the years. When it comes to women, their DNA does not change.

3. The crooked teeth - fathers' genes are the primary for teeth and jaw shape and more affect the quality and shape of the teeth than from the mothers. From the father, the child can only inherit crooked teeth, but also weak teeth with a tendency to bleed.

4. Sterility Problems - Scientists conclude that low sperm quality may be a genetic problem. If the child is born after the artificial conception, then the greatest probability is that he himself will suffer from sterility.

5. Gender of the child - male genes determine the gender of the unborn child. Predictions can be made by controlling the father's trunk.

6. The color of the baby's eyes - the facial lines and eye color will surely be the same as the father's.

7. The growth (length) of a child depends largely on the father's genes. Starving fathers have a long-lasting baby.

Little on intelligence

1. Intellect is transferred from father to son. That is, if the father is a genius, then his son one hundred percent will inherit these genes.

2. If your father is idiotic, it does not mean you are. This is not inherited, and nature has perfected things in perfect fashion.

3. Father's intellect can only inherit the girl by half.

4. Male may inherit intellect only from their mothers, which she, however, inherited from her own father.

5. The girl finds will become exactly 50% wise as her father, but his son will be genius.

Conclusion for Men

To predict how wise your son will be, look at your father and mother. Your daughter will inherit half of your wisdom, but half your stupidity. Her son will inherit your intellect in its entirety.

Conclusion for women

Your son's mind is a copy of your father. Your daughter will have your education, but will have the mind of her father. Her children will be a mental copy of your spouse.
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