Super foods that cleanse arteries and protect you from heart attack

Excessive accumulation of various substances on the arterial walls narrows them down and leads to a disease known as arteriosclerosis.

According to health experts, there is no rapid remedy that melts these substances that block the arteries, but say that lifestyle change gradually fuses and prevents their accumulation.

These substances are usually a combination of fat, calcium, cholesterol, and residues from cells in the body.
There are several factors that affect the blockage of arteries, such as:

- Overweight
- Unhealthy eating
- High blood pressure
- High Cholesterol
- Resistance to insulin and diabetes
- Lack of physical activity
- Smoking

But thankfully you can treat this matter naturally, with the help of these foods:

- Garland
- Apples
- Arrave
- Ginger
- Spinach
- Olive oil
- Fish oil
- Tomatoes
- Green tea

But remember, apart from having to consume these foods, you should do your best to reduce stress and exercise regularly.

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