The cat that saved the tourist in the Swiss mountains

The cat that saved the tourist in the Swiss mountains
It is believed that cats do not like people much and they prefer to walk alone.

However, an incredible story published online by a user named "sc4s2cg" made the Bright Side staff look at cats with another eye.

The story began when a young tourist went to mountaineering in the Swiss Alps, not far from the village of Gimmelwald. And after a while in the mountains, he realized that he was lost.

"Gimmelwald is a small village hidden in the heart of the mountains. It was the end of the ski season, so most of the ski lifts had switched off. On that day, I went out to walk in the mountains. When it came time to return, I could not find the way, so I realized I was lost. In failure to find the way to the village, I sat down to rest and decided what to do next. Incidentally, I saw this beautiful cat ... "said the user.

"Macy noticed me. She came to me and sat beside me. Then she left on a nearby street, constantly stopping to look around, as if to invite me to follow her. She was very friendly, despite the fact that I was completely an unknown. Obviously, she was accustomed to tourists. When we reached the end of the road leading to the hotel, our roads were torn apart and the cat went on its way, "he continued, pointing to.

After this story was released, other Internet users began showing their stories with a similar cat in Gimmelwald. One person said, "This cat came with me and my friends to join the mountains there three months ago. She walked in front of us and stopped whenever she went too far from us, giving us time to catch her. "

And it looks like this cat belongs to hotel owners and is quite friendly with tourists.