A man runs "extraterrestrial UFOs" hanging near his garden

Bret Harrison Jones was in the yard with his camera when he ran a "pill"
The man said that he "saw an extraterrestrial ship where the birds were also surprised by the presence of this unidentifiable object."

Filming shows that a shiny, distant, cylindrical object, which was at least larger than a commercial aircraft, might well be outside our atmosphere.

As a 34-year eBay seller, he said he was "totally scared" when the shooter believed that he was in an inexplicable object that is most likely not from this world.

Scary video became viral on social networks where there were 40,000 viewers in a few minutes where the UFO vessel reportedly had a black triangle TR-3B.

"I was out doing a video and photo of some birds," he said.

"I spent a few hours out while I decided to go back and suddenly after a little light in the corner."

"It happened and I believed it was a reflection of light, but I saw that it continued brightening and was behind a plane,".

"I decided to try to pick it up. I saw it maybe in 10 seconds but my camera did not focus on it and I thought I did not catch it at all. "

"But when I went down, it was a quick light, and if you look slowly you will see how these great lights come to focus and look at an object in the form of a pill."

"When I saw the moment I went inside, it made me go crazy. I did not expect this. "

"I do not know what it is. There are two ends in the end and as if there is a rope that comes from its front or pulls a fluid out of it. "

"I think it was a video with an inexplicable object, an UFO. I'm not sure whether it was made by people or by aliens. "

"At the time of shooting I suspected that the object was at a distance to a commercial aircraft."

"After analyzing, I think this is a case, but when I analyze it even more, I think it could have been out of our atmosphere."

In his video Bret also gives detailed explanations of how he had captured these images and what equipment he had used.

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