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Blackburn - Middlesbrough

Blackburn - Middlesbrough 
 Football : England - Championship
Sunday (17 February) 13:00 UK
The 32nd round of the English First Division, Middlesbrough is currently ranked 6th in the rankings. Winning the match tonight will help Middlesbrough players shorten the gap with the 2nd ranked team to just 6 points.

Middlesbrough players' performance is quite good when the team has won 3 matches and 3 draws in the last 7 rounds. Middlesbrough is still very knowledgeable about how to get the 3 points fully against the underdogs this season. The achievements of the visitors' trips are also very good when Middlesbrough wins to the last 3/5 rounds of the away game.

Ryan Shotton is the most important name in the squad for the match tonight. The 30-year-old midfielder is the gateway to most of Middlesbrough's pathways as well as a steel shield on the right-hand corridor this season. Tonight's game is a good opportunity for him to continue to show his importance.

On the other side of the line, the Blackburn host is only ranked 14th in the rankings. Blackburn players are having a very bad match when losing their last three matches. Conceding 8 goals in those three matches also showed weakness in Blackburn's defensive system at the moment.

The last 10 matches between the two teams, both Blackburn and Middlesbrough have won 2. 3 points in the match tonight will help Middlesbrough players rise to the match ratio between the two teams.