NASA probe that was sent to Mars disappears mysteriously

NASA flyers who were on the mission in the universe, passed around Mars and were lost in infinity after being 'extinguished' mysteriously.

Probably the size of a handbag was launched last year to "push the limits of experimental technology,".

NASA has been unable to contact "brave twins" that are likely to no longer function and are lost in infinity.

Known as Mars Cube One, the two satellites have played an important role in reducing InSight on the Red Planet surface, sending real-time views as well as other data, including pictures from certain angles.

In all likelihood, the two fleets came out of control and took place on two opposite sides, up to four million kilometers from the planet Mars.

"Their mission was to push the limits of experimental technology through miniature objects, but very sophisticated," the Spatial Agency report said.

So far, NASA researchers have many theories about extinction - none of them, does not include extraterrestrial activity.

It is thought that their solar panels are closed or not exposed to the sun, causing the batteries to be discharged. It is possible that their communication system has come out of control and entered other trajectories, losing their former contact with the base.

Both fleets will continue the journey around the sun, until summer approaches, when they are expected to fill the energy they need. However, no one at NASA believes the batteries can last until then and have all the parts properly completed.
NASA probe that was sent to Mars disappears mysteriously