"Valley of Death," where the witnesses are ill and some have died

Combined with legends and folklore, dating back several centuries, there are many testimonies coming from the so-called "Valley of Death" in Siberia, stretching along the Upper Viljuj River.
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Source: phfawcettsweb.org

Those who have witnessed unusual events in this region are said to have been unexpectedly ill and sometimes even found dead.

In 2013, Mikail Vishok led a research team in the heart of the Death Valley, investigating the apparent existence of "bins", which are said to be the remains of alien technology.

They were forced to abandon the project, due to the sudden onset of the disease, with symptoms similar to radiation poisoning.

According to the legends, the whole region has been a major battlefield in antiquity, when "fiery balls" would be thrown to the ground by large alien ships.

These fiery balls came from "bins" that would be raised from within the Earth. Their description sounds similar to anti-aircraft weapons.

During this battle, a "louder blast than ever before" would completely ruin the region and all its life in it.

Descriptions are similar to those of a nuclear explosion, which, by chance, may explain why any person visiting the Death Valley is ill at some time.