Attacks in New Zealand, 49 killed and 48 injured - all you need to know about massacres in two mosques.

A 28-year-old Australian citizen is suspected of being one of four involved in terrorist attacks in New Zealand, killing 49 people and 48 injured.

According to eyewitnesses, over 50 bullets were fired by an automatic assault rifle, which entered the Al Noor mosque in Chrischurch.

The striker has been identified in his Twitter profile as Brend Tarrant from Grafton in New South Wales who aired a live attack at the Al Noor Mosque, which happened around 1:30 pm local time, while many believers were inside the mosque.

The video published by the Daily Mail Australia shows the man firing dozens of bullets on believers, some of whom trying to hide, but without success.

The second attack occurred at another mosque in Linwood, which is also in Christchurch. Concerning the attack on this mosque, four people were questioned, including three men and one woman.

On the other hand, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has stated that the perpetrators did not appear on the list of potential terrorists.

"Friday's terrorist attack is one of the darkest days for New Zealand," Prime Minister Ardern added.

One of them was arrested as he was putting the explosion-proof belt in his body. And another dressed in military clothes was arrested before the Papanui school.

Of the 49 casualties, 30 of them were executed at the Al Noor Mosque, and ten others at the Linwood Mosque and others in the mosque courtyard. Local media reported that at least 48 others were injured, with 20 of them in critical condition.

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