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Australia Grand Prix
The 2019 F1 season will officially return after more than three months of "winter break", our riders start a new war and remain as usual, land Australia is still a proud land to host for this year's F1 opening stage at Albert Park racetrack.

Famous for its natural beauty with endless long beaches and friendly people who love sports, Australia certainly cannot be naturally known as a "lucky country". In addition, Australia is often in the top 5 countries ideal for settlement. Many people originally came to Australia (also known as 'Oz') only with the intention of studying, traveling or working for a few years but eventually, the result was their long-term settlement. .

As part of Albert Park, the Australian track is rated by riders and fans as one of the most scenic F1 tracks when surrounded by forests and lush greenery. Large lake located in the center. Besides, with the ideal geographical position near the sea, the track has a mild climate and often receives the wind blowing from the sea.

F1: Ferrari started 1-2 in the Grand Prix of Bahrain

Ferrari successfully competed on the Bahrain Grand Prix, when Leclerc and Vettel won the first two positions.
Ferrari started the F1 2019 season not really well, with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc unable to get to the podium at the Australian stage two weeks ago.

The Italian team announced to Bahrain Grand Prix with more positive results. Leclerc (middle) and Vettel help Ferrari to win the first two positions.

The positive thing that Ferrari waited for appeared. At least after the classification night on March 30. On the Gulf Air, Leclerc and Vettel racetrack, it was stable, to help Ferrari win the first two starting positions.

In it, Leclerc is the first start. The 21-year-old Monaco driver finished the third round with a 1'27''866 record.
Vettel comes after young colleague Leclerc, completing the classification race with more than 0.294 seconds time.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 ranking results

The 3rd and 4th starts are all for riders of Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.
In the Australian stage, Hamilton personally did not play well. He started No. 1, but was defeated by Bottas to win. 

Formula 1 - Chinese Grand Prix
The Formula 1 (F1) season in 2019 will continue with the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai from today, April 12 to Sunday 14 April.

On April 20, 2019, at My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi will organize the event "Launch F1 Vietnam Grand Prix". This is where the Capital audiences enjoy firsthand the performances of the top speed of true F1 racing cars from Aston Martin Red Bull's world famous team.

Formula 1 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix 
Being the defending champion at Baku racetrack in Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton entered the game with high confidence. However, this is not the day that the world No. 1 player in 2017 and 2018 plays well. Hamilton has some unreasonable decisions.

Therefore, at the end of the final race, Hamilton only finished in second place. The most popular British racer on this stage - Valtteri Bottas is 1 second 524. Bottas' feat is remarkable, with 1 hour 31 minutes 52 seconds 942.

Formula 1 - Spanish  Grand Prix 
The fifth season of the F1 season will take place on Sunday, May 12.

The Spanish race will take place in Barcelona. Most F1 riders are familiar with Circuit de Bercelona-Catalunya because this is where the teams try cars in the winter. With a balanced combination of high speed bends and tight corners, this track will be the place to challenge the skills of drivers as well as racing cars.

Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix 

Formula 1 - Canadian Grand Prix 
Farewell to the Principality of Monaco, F1 will temporarily leave Europe and come to North America, which will take place in the only western hemisphere this summer. As usual, the 7th destination of the year is the beautiful city of Montreal and the famous Gilles Villeneuve race track with its high speed and the ‘Wall of Champions’ wall in F1 history.

Formula 1 French Grand Prix  

Formula 1 - Austrian Grand Prix 

Formula 1 - British Grand Prix 

Formula 1 - German  Grand Prix 

Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix  

Formula 1 - Belgian  Grand Prix  

Formula 1 - Italian  Grand Prix  

Formula 1 - Singapore Grand Prix  

Formula 1 - Russian Grand Prix