Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith

UFC 235: Jones - Smith 
 UFC  Stream on Sunday (03 March) 03:00 (GMT 0) 

After a gloomy February, MMA fans were greeted with an extremely quality UFC 235 event. Leading the way with the heavyweight match between defending champion Jon Jones and Anthony Smith, UFC 235 also saw a match between the two "top" champions Central League Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman in the title match of this weight class. .

In addition, 235 also witnessed the unbeaten debut of the team who held two championship titles, One Championship, and Bellator Ben Askren, "The Funky", to face former champion Robbie Lawler in Welterweight.

On February 26, Nevada Sports Commission NSAC said Jon Jones' banning test results will be announced ahead of the UFC 235 event. And yesterday, the first danger signal for the sale champion Heavy UFC has appeared.

Referee Olivier Coste was forced to intervene and stop the match, and the doctor declared Kim Jong Heon unable to continue playing, winning the TKO quickly for Tran Quang Loc's ONE Championship debut

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