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Stephen Thompson vs Anthony Pettis

Thompson - Pettis 
UFC Sunday (24 March) 00:00 (GMT 0) 

UFC Nasville: Thompson vs Pettis will witness the top two striker confrontations of light UFC weight scales. Former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis promoted to challenge the 2-time winner of the Welterweight championship Stephen Thompson.

If he could win against Thompson this weekend, Pettis could be confident of his future in Welterweight. In contrast, 'Wonderboy' Thompson needed another win to return to the competition. 

The Welterweight title began to become more intense. Underestimated when challenging the rankings Stephen Thompson, Anthony Pettis advised opponents and audience not to. forget you used to be a 'knockout artist' in the past.

For many people, the choice to rank a challenge for Stephen Thompson is still at the peak of Anthony Pettis' performance which may not be the best idea right now. Especially, when 'Showtime' Pettis' form is still in a rather unstable stage.

However, before the UFC Nasville day, Pettis believed that he was a Welterweight manager and faced Thompson as an overnight event.