UFC: Darren Till vs Jorge Masvida

UFC: Darren Till - Jorge Masvidal 
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Saturday (16 March) 20:00 UK

Back in London, the UFC brought the fights of hostage host Darren Till and punches from street battles 'Gamebred' Jorge Masvidal.

They failed in their last two matches, but Till and Masvidal went into the match on March 17 with a different mood. If Darren Till is an expectation to replace former champion Michael Bisping in UFC promotion in the UK, Masvidal is still a 'gatekeeper' with quite unstable performance.

However, although Darren Till has a youthful advantage, striking is highly appreciated, Masvidal has the experience of a puncher who has experienced more than 40 matches in different arenas. Possessing the same fighting style, Darren Till vs Jorge Masvidal is considered to be UFC Fight Nigh 147 / UFC London's perfect match.

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