Anthony Crolla vs Vasyl Lomachenko

 Boxing: Anthony Crolla - Vasyl Lomachenko 
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Saturday (13 April) 02:00 UK

 Crolla vs Lomachenko

Tonight in Los Angeles: Vasyl Lomachenko (12-1-0, 9 Ko's) will defend his lightweight world title against the Brit Anthony Crolla (34-6-3, 13 Ko's). The Ukrainian "pound-for-pound" star is considered a big favorite. Yesterday the official Weigh-In took place. 

WBO / WBA (Super) champion Vasyl Lomachenko will return to the ring next night for his first competition appearance in 2019. At the Staples Center in Los Angeles (California, USA) the 31-year-old Ukrainian will face the British Anthony Crolla. Crolla, who once made it to the WBA world champion, is considered a blatant outsider. 
Most experts and boxing insiders believe that this encounter with Crolla will be an easy match for Lomachenko, but Loma is beginning to show signs of wear and tear as his age increases, and his 400 amateur fights and 13 professional fights soon show more and more loss of substance. Lomachenko has not made it easy since he became a professional six years ago in 2013. The last two bouts that Lomachenko played against Jorge Linares and Jose Pedraza showed quite clearly that he now tends to wear down his opponents over a long distance, where he would have previously knocked them loose. Lomachenko may not want to unite all the lightweight titles, but rather is expected to soon go back to super-featherweight where his lack of size and punch is not as great a handicap as he is in lightweight. However, before moving back down in the weight class, Lomachenko now wants to defeat Crolla and then Teofimo Lopez and possibly even Richard Commey. Whereby Lopez can be a real problem for Lomachenko, because he certainly has size and range advantages. 

For Anthony Crolla it will be difficult (if not impossible) to win this fight against Lomachenko. Crolla was twice defeated by Jorge Linares in 2016 and 2017. They were tactical fights and real battles, but Crolla was unable to use his best weapons in these two fights, as Linares was always going forward, preventing him from taking advantage of himself. Lomachenko defeated Linares last year by tKO in Round 10, in a fight in which the two-time Olympic gold medalist suffered a severe shoulder injury and where he was forced to undergo a major operation following this fight. Lomachenko has not looked the same since his surgery as in the early days. In Loma's last fight against Pedraza last December, he hardly seemed to use his right hand and it seemed like there was no longer the old Loma in the ring. In this last fight, it seems as though Lomachenko had retained some of his shoulder surgery. However, this is not surprising, as many fighters have had difficulties in the past when they come back from a shoulder operation and often were not the same fighters they once were. Lomachenko needs two healthy hands (shoulders) to defeat Crolla Friday night. Crolla is too talented to be beaten by a one-armed fighter. Let's hope that with Lomachenko not intact shoulder was only a guess.

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