Bellator 220: Macdonald vs Fitch

Bellator 220: Macdonald - Fitch 
Fighting Sunday (28 April) 02:00 UK
The Beller Rory McDonald's Welterweight champion played Robbie Lawler twice during his time at UFC. In the first match, Rory McDonald received a controversial defeat, in the rematch, Rory and Robbie together contributed to the best match in UFC history. With such intense experience, Rory McDonald understood what it felt like to be with Robbie Lawler.

Ben Askren has just won a controversial victory over Robbie Lawler at UFC 235, although he is quick to join, Ben Askren immediately got a hit and Robbie Lawler's smashing hits.

Despite being overwhelmed, Ben Askren counter-attacked and used the American-free Bulldog Choke to finish Robbie Lawler. Although the game was met with criticism due to the mistake of referee Herb Dean, Rory McDonald still appreciated the ability of former American wrestler Ben Askren. 

"I watched the game, Ben was really strong. He was strong and very stubborn, he not only survived Robbie Lawler's punching rain but Ben even countered. Ben Askren kept going. Not many people can do that after receiving such a frightening rain, of course, the match was unreasonably stopped, Lawler was still awake and fit, but this was sports and The referee must do all his responsibility to protect the boxers' safety. This is just a misfortune. It's an interesting match. "

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