Five Reasons for Massage | The benefits of Massage

Scientific studies have proved that the massage positively affects the overall condition of the organism.
A quality massage with adequate technique is the best solution for relaxation and refreshment throughout the body.

These are the positive aspects of body massage:

Helps stress and relieve pain

Massage will relieve the pain, especially those who are affected by stress and a "sitting" lifestyle. People suffering from chronic pain may feel the actual improvement, as the symptoms will be alleviated, according to scientific research.

Patients who have been diagnosed with fibro-myalgia or arthritis should consult with a curriculum and consider therapeutic massages as a type of treatment.

Affects positively mental health

Numerous studies have shown how massages can help in many types of mood disorders. Massages have been shown to alleviate the tension that causes anxiety and also help people suffering from depression.

Improves the quality of sleep

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A study at the University of Miami found that people suffering from sleep disorders should have two massages per week for 30 minutes. Respondents who participated in the study reported a significant improvement in sleep quality after a few weeks.

Early studies have shown that massage increases serotonin levels in the bloodstream, hormone this is very important for a healthy and quality sleep.

Accelerates recovery from sports injuries

Massage will not only accelerate recovery if you are suffering from an old injury, but will also ease inflammatory processes in the body, increase muscle flexibility, and reduce the risk of new injuries.

Enhances immunity

Massage contributes to the best blood circulation and even to the white blood cells that protect us from infection.

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