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The NFL Draft 2019 has arrived. The event is on fire these days April 25, 26 and 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. The music city is yet another stop on the itinerant show that turned the NFL Draft with Chicago, Philadelphia and the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, receiving the latest edits after years and years in New York.

As usual, the first day will have only the 32 choices of the 1st round, which we will highlight below. The Arizona Cardinals, after an awful season with three wins and 13 losses, will choose first. The New England Patriots, winner of the Super Bowl LIII, will make the final selection of the day.

Some changes have already been made, as two stars - Odell Beckham Jr . and Khalil Mack   - were traded by the teams that drafted them and part of the payout were first round picks. The Cowboys also paid with their first round pick the arrival of Amari Cooper in Texas. With that the Oakland Raiders have three choices between the 32 and they will be much needed after a season with only four wins and 12 losses.

As always, we in Fifth Quarter will be able to see on this list, filling in live the picks and writing resumes for each player chosen in the first round. In the following days we will continue updating this post with the choices of the following rounds until arriving at Mr. Irrelevant , the last selected in the seventh round.

Before that, check out our review of Draft players, who will also enter homeopathic doses these days that are missing until the big event. Obviously you can not attack the more than 200 athletes who will have a great chance of their lives in the National Football League. But we'll do enough to get you in the NFL Draft 2019 as the rollercoaster. Keep calm. 
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