UFC 236: Holloway vs Poirier

UFC 236: Holloway - Poirier  
Sunday (14 April) 02:00 (GMT 0) 

Holloway vs Poirier 

UFC 236 Event: Max Holloway vs.. Dustin Poirier is expected to take place between the Interim holder of the Golden Age, Tony Ferguson and the featherweight champion Max Holloway, but due to personal reasons, Tony Ferguson had to leave the event.

Instead of his position, Dustin Poirier - an old rival who won Holloway at UFC 143. Max Holloway vs.. Dustin Poirier will decide the champion Interim for Lightweight, and will also be the one who will unite the title with defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In the Co-main event, another Interim belt in the Middleweight weight will also find the owner when Kelvin Gastelum and Israel Adesanya confront.

 Game 1: Two boxers spend the first half minute for the exploration phase. Poirier opens the match with a combo of right and lowkick punches. Holloway did not fit well, giving a sharp blow. Very good left punch from Poirier! Holloway responds with combos! Poirier's right punch has shocked Holloway! Rain blows from Poirier! Max continued to fight, still launching excellent left punches despite Poirier's heavy blow.

Knockdown scored for Poorer at the end of the first half. Continuity was the crutches from Poirier. At the end of the round, Holloway kicked high kick quite well.

Game # 2: Continuing with the fierce exchange of blows from both martial artists. Holloway aimed directly at the opponent's abdomen, while Poirier remained on the surface and tried to takedown. Holloway pressed the pitch, attempted to enter and kept hitting. Punch right, once again Poirier's right punch made Holloway ache in his stomach. But Max Holloway still didn't give up - he still continued to swerve like nothing happened!

Game 3: Holloway approaches, continuing to launch body shot. Poirier focused on launching heavy blows. Poirier's combo. Jab from Holloway. Continuous punches must be targeted by Holloway, followed by jab. Poirier waits for counter. Very nice punch-on-knee combo from Holloway, Poirier hugged the opponent's hip, but failed.

Game 4: Poirier rushed to pick up things from the beginning of the fourth half but failed, eating more on pillows and a few shots from Holloway. Holloway continued to pound with a horrifying pace. Poirier still punched again but was much slower. Repeatedly, it was a match from both boxers. Get up from Poirier! That knee blows the eyebrows, making Holloway's face now covered with blood. Another takedown attempt from Poirier, but the bell rang out.

Game number 5: Still the swapping phase. The punch must be very good from Holloway, right after that is Poirier's counterattack. But Max Holloway's combo is still great now. Poirier once again aimed at takedown, then clinch and dirty boxing, but he also scratched off with Holloway's shots.

Result: Dustin Poirier won Max Holloway by consensus scoring (49-46, 49-46, 49-46). 

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