UFC: Alistair Overeem vs Aleksei Oleinik

Overeem vs Oleinik
Alistair Overeem (44-17-0, 1NC) will face Aleksei Oleinik (57-11-1). Both boxers have an erratic style of competition in the UFC, all experiencing a few victories and alternating unfortunate losses. 

Overeem's latest victory was in November last year against Russian rival Sergey Pavlovich. In late 2017 and in June 2018, Alistair received two catastrophic KO failures before Francis Ngannou and Curtis Blaydes.

Achievement of Aleksei Oleinik is better than a Dutch boxer. He won two submissions before Mark Hunt and Junior Albini. But he also received a massive KO defeat against Curtis Blaydes in 2017.

Alistair Overeem is known to be a veteran boxer Kick Boxing and MMA for a long time. His strong point is to own the right kicks on the body and destroy the opponent's post. Overeem also has tremendous strength in both knee and clinches. Typical knee-kicks helped him to win the KOs and impression of Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar. 

But the stability and concentration needed in every game is something that Alistair Overeem has not improved. Overeem only plays well in moments of pressure and attack in front of an opponent. Because he is often too impatient and panic, he will be rekindled by rivals, such as he hurt Stipe Miocic in the first half but he was too hasty to give inaccurate attacks. submission Stipe. Many people have suggested that Overeem will have a victory if he does not make such a decision and then Stipe Miocic has more time to recover from the Knock out phase before. 

As for Aleksei Oleinik's play style, he must not appreciate the ability to attack and attack. The attack phase of Russian boxers is quite simple and monotonous. His strengths are playing good Sambo and Ju-jitsu. Of his six wins in the UFC, there were five wins by submission. 
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