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5 the frightening truths that hide behind these mysteries

The story is filled with dramatic stories that are popular and often repeated. Megan Westley of History Extra blurts the truths about 5 mysteries that have existed throughout history

1. A lost princess

When Car Nicholas II and his family were brutally murdered by Bolshevik soldiers in 1918, the world looked in horror. Then rumors came out that the little girl of Car, Dukesha Anastasia, may have fled.

Some women came out later claiming her identity.

The escape seemed possible when the bodies of three or four girls were discovered in a mass grave in 1991. But the four-girl body was discovered in 2007, removing any hope for its survival.

2. Doctor of Death

Dr. Hauley Harvey Crippen became one of Britain's most notorious murderers when his wife's body was discovered in their basement in 1910. He was arrested, found guilty and executed.

But in 2007, thanks to some tests, it was discovered that the body found in the cellar was not only his wife, but it was also a male body.

So he was innocent. Even two weeks before the execution, he wrote: "I'm innocent and this will be tested one day."

3. Trial by public opinion

Lizzie Borden, who hit her mother 40 times with ax, has been labeled as a killer for more than 120 years. His spouse and wife Andre and Abby Borden were found dead in their home in Massachusetts by Andrew's daughter, Lizzie in 1892.

Lizzie a respectable teacher soon became the main suspect because of the stepmother's hate and the desire for financial freedom. Although Borden was released, people found it difficult to believe it.

4.Green III: Good King or treacherous uncle?

It is possible that Richard has acted in complete conscience by killing his nephew, the sons of his brother King Eduard IV, the so-called Tower Prince, to take the throne.

To take the throne, there are many reasons Richard has been for having ordered their death. Another candidate, who was unlikely to be, was also claimed by his successor Henry VII.

5. What happened to Amelia Earhart?

In 1937, Amelia Earhart, one of the world's most famous aviators, disappeared without a trace during an attempt to travel around the globe.

Although searches began an hour after the earliest recorded Earhart message, nothing was found, and its fate remains one of the greatest historical mysteries of all time