George Foreman: Wilder Vs. Joshua will be the biggest heavyweight fight ever

In a recent interview with TMZ, one of the largest Internet portals in the world, the former undisputed heavyweight champion and current Hall of Famer George Foreman praises WBC champion Deontay Wilder to the max.

"Wilder hit Breazeale as hard as we did back then. He hit him so hard that I ran and hid under my bed. My wife asked me, where are you going? and I said, I do not want him to find me. This is a puncher, a true puncher, "Foreman told TMZ.

The status of Ali vs. Frazier, as the biggest heavyweight fight of all time, is in danger, says George Foreman, there's a fight that could be even bigger.

"It's hard to say if Wilder is the biggest puncher ever. Joe Louis has been the toughest puncher ever in boxing for many. Wilder develops this kind of power. He hits harder with his right hand than I ever did - that's for sure. "

"This Wilder's right hand beats - I've never seen that before. This right-hand man is so powerful and he probably would have been able to knock off any other major in the past in the heavyweight division - it does not matter if I was George Foreman, Mike Tyson or Joe Frazier, he could have knocked out any of us. "
George Forman: "If Joshua and Wilder fight each other, then this will be the biggest heavyweight fight ever, bigger than any other that ever existed if they actually did fight."
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