NBA Finals: Warriors vs Raptors

Golden State Warriors - Toronto Raptors 
Basketball : NBA Finals
 (31 May - 17 June ) 00:00 (GMT 0) 

DubNation vs WeTheNorth
Toronto Raptors has reached the NBA Finals for the first time in history. The Canadian team won 100-94 against Milwaukee Bucks in the Scotiabank Arena on Saturday, giving it a 4-2 lead in the best-of-sevens series.
Opponent of the Raptors in the final will be Golden State Warriors, which will be the big favorite. The formation from California reached the NBA Finals for the fifth time in a row earlier this week at the expense of Portland Trail Blazers.

The Warriors can become champions for the third year in a row and for the fourth time in five years. For the last four years, the final in the NBA has always been between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that series has now ended. The Cavaliers didn't even make the play-offs in the Eastern Conference this season. 

Game 1: Raptors (118-109) Warriors 
TOR: 25,34,29,30
GSW: 21,28,32,28

Game 2: Raptors (104-109) Warriors
TOR: 27,32,21,24
GSW: 26,28,34,21

Game 3: Warriors (109-123) Raptors 
GSW: 29,23,31,26
TOR: 36,24,36,27

Game 4: Warriors (92-105) Raptors 
GSW: 23,23,21,25
TOR: 17,25,37,26 

Game 5: Raptors (105-106) Warriors
TOR: 28,28,22,27
GSW: 34,28,22,22 

Game 6: Warriors (110-114) Raptors 
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