Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz jr.

Yesterday, the two opponents met for the last time at the official weighing before they meet again tonight in the ring. Thousands of English boxing fans sang the Neil Diamond song "Sweet Caroline" in Madison Square Gardens' arena, which was nearly 80% filled with British fans, and a chorus of black gospel singers clapped their hands on the cradle stage. 
It was the big show before the show tomorrow night in the ring of Madison Square Gardens in New York. Anthony Joshua was repeatedly celebrated in loud chants by his fans during the cradle ceremony. "I never thought so many fans from home would be coming to New York," Joshua said.
The challenger Andy Ruiz jr. emphasized again that he wanted to be the first Mexican heavyweight world champion, but probably could not believe that any of the many fans really, as he saw the two warriors of the next night so juxtaposed on stage. The 198-meter-tall well-trained, muscle-bound athlete Anthony Joshua and the 10 centimeters smaller, still spongy-looking challenger Andy Ruiz jr. 
The 1.98-meter-tall Anthony Joshua weighed 112.4 kilograms, nearly one kilo more than his last fight against Alexander Povetkin.
The by 10 centimeters small Andy Ruiz jr., With 1.88 meters in height, however, brought with 121.6 kilos, a whole 11.2 kilos more on the scales than the defending champion and defended his high weight with it: "It was my plan To be heavier, because I compete against a bigger boxer and with a higher weight, I bring more momentum behind my punches. "Well, who should believe the time ?!
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