At what age is sexual orientation finally formed?

At what age is sexual orientation finally formed?

Have you ever believed that sexual orientation is determined in teens? Or is it not so!

Scientists of the United States have dismantled the main myth of the century and have shown that our sexual preferences are ultimately only formed around the age of thirty.

Scientists have studied more than 12,000 people aged 16 to 32.

During this period, participants in the study were asked several times about what attracted men and women and which gender is their current partner.

The processing of responses has shown that sexual orientation may change over time and ultimately will only be established at maturity, namely after thirty years of age.

In this case, women have been more predisposed to changes in their preferences. For example, 67% of respondents stated that they are considered heterosexual, but at the same time they are of interest to both men and women.

"By the age of twenty, people often find themselves in a more liberal siege, which helps them to explore, study or determine the tendency towards same-sex ties, which at this age become more acceptable and enjoyable," explains the author. study Christine Kaestle.

According to research results, she identified nine main options for sexual orientation - "heterosexual", "mostly heterosexual", apparently homosexual "and" minimally expressed "for men and" heterosexual "," mostly heterosexual ", significantly bisexual", and "Minimally expressed" for females.

The results of the new study are published in The Journal of Sex Research.
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