Does the sun affect our psyche?

With all these electromagnetic activities coming from the sun, our electromagnetic fields can "mix" pretty much

But even if this does not happen, scientists have noticed that there is a connection between the blasts of solar flames and our disposition.

Solar effects

The Institute for Industrial Ecology Problems has determined that geomagnetic activities have shown three seasonal roofs of solar activity, which occurred regularly every 24 years (from March to May and again from July to October). Each of these ceilings has coincided with increased anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and suicide.

One of the explanations of the link between maximum solar activity and people's behavior is that solar storms destroy balancing our circadian rhythm (internal rhythm of daily activities characteristic of all living organisms other than bacteria) respectively of the clock.

Glands - Epiphysis in our brain under the influence of electromagnetic activity causes less production of melatonin. Melatonin in the brain acts as "relaxing" or soothing, respectively creates relaxative action and thus helps us sleep. But due to electromagnetic abnormality, the reduced amount of melatonin affects insomnia, depression, and disturbances. 

"The Circadian regulatory system depends on the repetition of environmental stimuli that adjust or adjust our internal clocks. magnetic fields can be from those environmental impacts, "says psychiatrist Kelly Posner of Columbia University.

Solar Symptoms and Side Effects

Psychological effects created with massive solar coronary discharge usually last very short, but cause many difficulties including: headache, heartbeat, mood swings and generally bad mood.

Chaotic and confusing thinking and strange behaviors are also added and frequent.

Solar eruption usually throws about 10 billion kilograms of solar plasma in the universe. Surely you can hardly imagine that figure, but know it is enormous amount. One to three blasts are daydreaming in the sun, but loaded waves do not always come to our planet. For those who reach us we can say that they are beautiful and beast.

CME particles "cling" to the Earth's magnetic field network and cling to atmospheric atoms. The result is the colorful chime which we call Aureora (Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and Polaris in the Southern Hemisphere) or polar light.

While our ancestors have tasted like these color upholstery and perhaps the changes available during the time of solar explosions, at least they are not worried about what disruptions cause storms to the satellites and power grids, as we are concerned today.

Magnetic field

The fact that people change physically, mentally and emotionally because of the impact of electromagnetic blasts from the sun makes us wonder how we are bombarding particles from digital devices on a daily basis. All this leads to the thought that however the time has come for crazy solutions such as the headphones from aluminum foil that would supposedly protect us from EM abnormalities.

However, do not be surprised if the new expression and reasoning is soon displayed: "It is innocent because of electromagnetic disorders."
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