Middle East on alarm, a tanker is hit by a rocket in the Gulf of Oman

A large oil tanker is reportedly hit by an underwater rocket in the Gulf of Oman, which has alerted the Middle East, wrote foreign media, Telegraph reports.

The suspected attack has left one of the two tankers sunken in flames, while 44 crew members were evacuated from both ships and taken to an Iranian port.

The US military hastened to help between increased tensions between Washington and Tehran after the incident near the Straits of Hormuz - the narrow Gulf of Persian, where one-third of all traded oils are passed.

According to the media, the Japanese trade ministry said the two vessels carried "load related to Japan," as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on a visit to Tehran seeking to ease tensions between Iran and the US.

However, no one has officially assumed responsibility for the incident, which saw the rise in oil prices.

One of the ships attacked, believed to be a Norwegian-owned tanker, hit by TradeWinds trade paper.

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