Repair the kidneys naturally only with lye

You need to look after and protect the kidneys as they are among the most important body organs, but also to prevent the pains that may come from kidney disease.

In cases of kidney disease, usually they either lose efficiency or completely stop the function.

But in the case of kidney disease, patients may fortunately survive for long, unlike most other diseases.

In order to be clean, all blood in the body must pass through the kidneys and most of the toxins and residues are then removed through the urine.

Therefore, in most cases, kidney disease comes as a result of poor nutrition.

Poor water consumption is also a cause of kidney problems.

Thus, the first thing to do in the case of kidney disease is to hydrate the body.

Experts recommend that you drink the recommended amount of water (8 cups of water) with baking soda (add 1 teaspoon of soda in a glass of water).

Thus, they say that you will effectively improve kidney function.

You also need to avoid dehydrating foods such as salt, tea, foods and drinks rich in sugar, caffeine, carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc.

Do not exceed even the recommended daily protein dose, as excess protein can cause damage.

And, in the end, do not forget to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
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