The camera "detects" two ghosts

A mother says he can not sleep because he saw the ghosts of two civil war soldiers in a picture of her son, fired off in nature.

30-year-old Charlotte Harding visited the St Fagans National Historic Museum in Cardiff last month, where she took photos of family and friends she was with.

But the mother of two children has been terrorized since then, believing she has captured in the picture two souls, the two soldiers watching her son out of the bush.

As DailyMail writes, the wife says it is impossible to sleep after making a search in history and found that in 1648 St Fagans had been in battle and more than 200 people were killed.

Her search also showed that soldiers uniforms at that time were identical to those she had captured in the picture.

 "Most of those who saw the picture say there are two soldiers in Civil War uniforms that seem to be talking to each other. I can see this too, says the 30 - year - old.

According to her, the country in question is known for scary stories and everyone knows it's not a commonplace place. 

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