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This nobody had expected! Ruiz crushes Joshua four times and snatches the headlines

Andy Ruiz Jr. has become one of the most sensational boxing boxing triumphs defeating unified champion Anthony Joshua.

The British boxer has suffered his first career defeat, also falling four times by his opponent, who in the seventh round won the technical knockout.

The unified champion put its IBF, WBA and WBO titles in the face of the Mexican-American challenge, who was involved in this duel as a substitute after Jarrell Miller came out positive in anti-doping tests and was suspended.

And AJ's debut in the United States did not go very well, as he suffered at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Andy Ruiz Jr. is the new world heavyweight champion and the first Mexican to be declared world champion in this category.

Round 1

From the beginning, Ruiz attacked, while Joshua was more attentive and awaiting the moment.

Round 2

A good moment for the British, who gave two powerful blows.

Round 3

True Drama! AJ crushed Ruiz, but he was taken to overthrow the champion. Soon after, Mexican again dropped Joshua, who saved the gong.

Round 4

Joshua managed to keep up in this round in an effort to wake up and constantly avoid the opponent.

Round 5

The British gave the impression that he was back in the game, but his opponent was steadfast.

Round 6

As Ruiz was more and more stable, AJ reigned insecurity.

Round 7

The moment when Ruiz attacked strongly and dropped Joshua again twice, while the judge stopped the match, which would mean winning technical knockout for the new champion.