Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz

Boxing: Tyson Fury - Tom Schwarz 
Las Vegas, 12 rounds, heavyweights
Sunday (16 June) 00:00 (GMT 0) 
Coming night is here! The German heavyweight Tom Schwarz (24-0-0, 16 Ko's) from the Magdeburg SES stall grabs at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) against former world champion Tyson Fury (27-0-1, 19 Ko's) after the stars. Yesterday, both protagonists - for the last time before their meeting in the ring - faced each other at the "Weigh-In".

Fury Vs. Schwarz - The show can begin!
There are only hours left until the "Main Event" at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). Here, the German Tom Schwarz faces the biggest challenge so far of his career as a professional boxer. Against the former world champion and ex-Klitschko conqueror Tyson Fury, it wants to know the undefeated heavyweight from the SES stable!

After several press events yesterday, the last official procedure of the compulsory competition week was on the program: Weighing. The 25-year-old black brought 111.36 kilograms on the scales and made a confident overall impression.

His British adversary, who as expected proved his skills in entertainment and self-marketing, weighed 119.30 kg and was thus eight kilograms heavier than his German opponent. In addition to media poses and the usual set, it was mainly Tyson Fury, who did not save with forecasts for the outcome of the fight.

"I'm going to break Tom's jaw! I'll knock him out! "Promised the" Gypsy-King "to several journalists. Tom Schwarz, who made a good and stable impression at the last press conference, did not seem intimidated and did not sell below his bottom line.  

The winner is Tyson Fury
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