UFCGreenville: Moicano vs Korean Zombie

UFC: Moicano - Korean Zombie 
Fight Night 154, Bon Secours Wellness Arena
Saturday (22 June) 22:00 (GMT 0) 
Both Renato Moicano and Chan Sung Jung have experienced knock-out defeat at the last game. Renato Moicano (13-2-1) received a knock out defeat in the second half against Rio Jose Aldo's king in early February this year.
Previously, he had a good performance when he only received a defeat against Brian Ortega in 2017. He won an impressive victory against strong opponents in the featherweight category such as Jeremy Stephens (not winning the score ) and Cub Swanson submission submission last year. 
On the other hand, "The Korean Zombie" received an extremely unfortunate knock-out match against Yair Rodriguez in November last year. TKZ played very well before a young Mexican boxer and many thought he would win a final score. However, due to a moment of ecstasy coming out of Yair's monster attack when the match was still 10 seconds, it was knocked out Chan. 

Chan Sung Jung (14-5-0) returned to the UFC ring in 2017 after more than three years of military service and he had an impressive knockout victory in the first half against Dennis Bermudez in the turn UFC and the Moicano match this weekend will be the third in 6 years of Korean boxers. 
Renato Moicano is considered to have good boxing skills with his multi-jab play style and his ability to play Jiu-jitsu is also appreciated. But Jung is also considered a boxer with a comprehensive play both boxing and wrestling and he also possesses the power of punches. 
The martial arts of Brazil will have an advantage in height and he also has a great deal of power to reduce Jung's pace. Even so, Chan Sung Jung is an experienced martial artist and has experienced battles of five innings. So Jung needs to narrow the gap and use his punching speed to win against Moicano.

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