UFC 240: Holloway vs Edgar

After the defeat to Dustin Poirier, Max Holloway began preparing for a match to protect the front against Frankie Edgar. At featherweight Max Holloway is still a dangerous fighter with an unbeatable range of achievements. One of the things to mention is that he defeated the former king Jose Aldo in both matches.

After the Cub Swanson win, Frankie Edgar had another chance to compete for the Featherweight championship. However, this time, he will lose his chance or not, it is still unknown when he was defeated by Brian Ortega.

The match between Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar has been fixed for a long time but due to the injury of both fighters, the match is now only done.

Max Holloway with strong and constant fighting pressure will make it difficult for many opponents. With the advantage of long hand and good boxing ability, he often makes the most of jab to eliminate the opponent's strength gradually.

Frankie Edger is also a boxer with good grappling ability, who also played against Jose Aldo both times but unfortunately he failed before the former king of both matches. With a solid fight and careful calculation, he has won many victories against stunned opponents.

Although Max Holloway has a longer arm span, compared to Frankie Edgar, both have no significant difference.

But Max Holloway is a boxer with very good physical strength and a good ability to stand, if you look at Max Holloway's record, he is not inferior to General Frankie Edgar even having a better look. Edgar is often the one who ends the match with lots of KOs and TKO by eliminating stamina, and Frankie Edgar is more likely to have a tug of war. 

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