WWE v SummerSlam

This Sunday, August 11, a new version of Summerslam will be held from the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada, the second most important event of the year at WWE and that already promises a lot with its lineup.

 The creative crisis of the company is not a mystery, and this event will be the time to show in greater depth the changes that the Company has experienced in the hands of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff 

Seth Rollins took the title from The Beast in Wrestlemania 35. Lesnar recovered it by charging his Money in the Bank in Extreme Rules.

The feud remains as personal as in the first months, with a Rollins verbalizing Lesnar's professional quality, laziness and privileges, and a Beast attacking his contestant brutally.

The truth is that we all want the champion to lose the title, nobody wants to see a part timer hold the Company's major belt, but this will certainly not be the occasion.

Lesnar will arrive with the title of champion at least until Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.  Seth Rollins, in turn, will have to take on new challenges that involve him regaining the lost brightness in a reign as a champion that touched the average.

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