Aston Villa vs The Clarets Analysis

The English Premier League has gone through 6 rounds and obviously Aston Villa are having a lot of difficulties on the relegation path. To prepare for this season, Aston Villa has increased a lot of rookies with no small expenses, but in fact they are still weak compared to the general ground. As for Burnley, the current 9th place with 8 points is not a bad result for a mid-range club like them.

What is interesting in this battle is the fact that the house ranked Aston Villa in the upper door with a handicap of 1/4, despite the fact that the home team is 9 places below the opponent on the table. Although it is located in a dangerous area, it cannot be denied that Aston Villa has made much progress recently. The victory over Brighton in the last League Cup is a huge push for the club owner Villa Park.

That was the third match in a row Aston Villa did not disappoint investors (won the 2 contract, drew 1). At home, after the defeat against Bournemouth at an unstable time, Aston Villa gradually regained confidence and victory over Everton and the West Ham draw showed that Aston Villa is not easy to be bullied in their holy place.

Burnley although ranked higher, but they have not shown stability. Moreover, Burnley has a bad mentality when away from Turf Moor and the last 5 away matches in the Premier League, they are not aware of the taste of victory. Therefore, the writer boldly put his faith in Aston Villa in this battle.