Barnsley vs Brentford

Barnsley kicked off the new season in a less dramatic way, defeating Fulham, who have just won relegation tickets from the Premier League.  However, that is all the homeowners have done to date, because they constantly receive poor results.

In addition to being defeated by the team under Carlisle with a score of 3-0 at home in the first round of the English League Cup, Barnsley has a further 7 consecutive matches without winning in the English first division, including 2 defeats.  nearest.  The poor performance of the team in the last 4/5 matches is the cause for the poor performance of the home team.

With Brentford, the visitors played a little better, when they were now 17th in the standings with 8 points.  The difference from the red light group was only 3 points, only equal to 1 win.  Therefore, Brentford will surely have to make more efforts in the near future to find better results.

This is understandable, because the fact of Brentford's performance is not too impressive.  Barnsley's home field has never been a pleasant destination, as Brentford was held a tie and the last three failed last season.  The scenario of inconclusive and more likely to recur in this match.